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About us

Hello! Welcome to Love Define.

Love and romance is a very beautiful part of life, love fills color and joy in life. It is very easy to fall in love with someone, but it is not easy to maintain the strength and warmth of that relationship for a long time.

Therefore, the endeavor of our loved one is to always maintain their rigor and happiness by providing suggestions and solutions to any kind of relationship problems.

We believe that our service provides you with the most beneficial experience possible without breaking any rules of online dating or other sites where people’s reputation is at stake.

Love Define not only provides suggestions and solutions to relationship problems but also motivates people to achieve success in life and fulfill dreams.

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Who am I?

I’m Ravinder Maan, author and founder of Love Define.


I am relationships expert and motivational speaker and writer. I believe that if you have any knowledge that can help solve or mitigate the problems of someone’s life or especially relationships, then you should share that knowledge.

So if someone will tell me their relationships or life problems, I will try to help them with my knowledge. And then I thought why not distribute this knowledge all over the world. So I discovered Love Define in 2020.

I work on it day and night and all the content we provide is of genuine quality which is made by studying a lot of research and human behavior.

You are all welcome on Love Define and I hope you will be as happy with our services as we are happy to provide you.


My web contacts:

Facebook: Ravinder Singh Maan

Instagram: ravinder_maan19

Twitter: Ravinder Maan

LinkedIn: Ravinder Maan

Email: [email protected]